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This article aims to provide a style guide for all articles in the Apex Legends Wiki to follow. Although Wikipedia already provides a more general style guide, this article provides one for Apex Legends Wiki-specific guidelines.

There are often disputes over which style rule or formatting to use so an official style guide helps resolve these disputes and to reaching a consensus.

If you want to suggest a change or addition to the style guide, you can do so on the talk page.

Content policy

Content on the wiki should generally reflect game content and mechanics as of the current patch. Exceptions to this are:

  1. Content that were previously available.
  2. Sections that display changes made to such content or display trivia that reference an older version of said content.
  3. Upcoming announced content. These should only contain information that are officially announced or shown by Respawn Entertainment, LightSpeed Studios or any of their partners.
  4. User Sandbox pages, as long as the content pertains to Apex Legends in some way.


Articles are only allowed in the main namespace if they fit the following criteria, otherwise they may be deleted without prior notice.

  1. Articles must contain enough information to warrant a full page. If they do not have enough content, they should be merged with other similar articles.
    1. Content from Apex Legends Mobile with a counterpart in the PC/Console version are an exception, as they can have their own article instead of being merged with the PC/Console version's article.
  2. Articles must pertain directly to Apex Legends or Apex Legends Mobile in some way.

Hierarchy of sources

In the instance that there may be conflicts with any of the valid sources for information, the following hierarchy should apply:

Developer corrections/clarifications > In-game descriptions > Official website descriptions/names > Official printed sources > Others

Information taken from sources higher on the hierarchy shall supersede information taken from those below it. This is not a hard and fast rule and certain exceptions may be made after discussion with members of the community.


Information from recently released content that are not in-game and/or did not come from any of the developer's Social Media channels (an example of such content is Pathfinder's Quest) shouldn't be added to the wiki for the first week after its official release. After this one (1) week period, articles containing information from said content should have the {{SpoilerNotice}} template displayed at the beginning for one (1) month to warn users.

Datamined content

Datamined or leaked content can ONLY be added on the specific game's dedicated Datamined and leaked information article ( This article for Apex Legends and this one for Apex Legends Mobile).

Information that came from leaks can be taken down at the discretion of the wiki administrators. If you are not sure if the information you will be adding are from leaked or datamined sources, or if you have any questions about the addition or removal of leaked content, you can contact a wiki administrator for guidance.

  • References to datamined content can only be made if said content has already been released.
  • For media related to such content, the {{DataminingNotice}} or {{LeaksNotice}} template should be added to warn users.


Redirects are exempted from the notability guidelines, but must lead to articles that fit the guidelines. Redirects can be created if they are the following:

  1. An Alternate spelling of the title.
    1. Incorrect spellings, typos, and irregular formatting are not allowed.
  2. An Alternate or shortened name, provided the name is common usage. Previous in-game names are also allowed.
  3. A Previous article title.
  4. An Alternate capitalization or form, including changing the title to plural case.
  5. A part of a merged or multi-topic article, such as Gear or Regen.

Redirects in the user namespace may lead anywhere, except to an article that does not exist or another redirect.


Article titles

Article titles should generally be in the singular form, except in-game features with explicitly plural names.

For all content from Apex Legends Mobile with a PC/Console version counterpart, or with the same name, include the identifier "(Mobile)".

Section titles

Section titles should generally be in plain text. Refrain from using wikilinks or putting references on the section titles themselves.


  • Articles on the wiki should use American English unless the in-game name or text is in any other variant of English.
  • Romanization


Character names

Character names should follow the way they are presented on their official website profiles (if any). An example would be including Ash's title "Dr." with her full name on the infobox as that is how it is written on the official website.

Ability descriptions

Ability descriptions on a Legend's article or the Ability article should be the same with the one in-game, this includes any spelling or grammar errors.


The images of the skins shown in the gallery are cropped according to a set of guidelines to ensure consistency.

Voice lines

Each Legend has their own voice lines subpage, to facilitate better presentation of the voice lines, they are divided into the following sections:

  • Character Select: The voice lines said on legend selection.
  • Intro: Voice lines when the champion is introduced.
  • Kill: Voice lines when you are eliminated.
  • Gameplay: Voice lines that play passively.
    • This excludes voice lines from Pings, your own abilities or those activated due to an enemy's ability and voice lines about the ring and arena status.
  • Pings: Voice lines from Pings. These include item pings and the You're Welcome and Thank You pings.
  • Abilities: Ability based voice lines. These include voice lines that get activated due to an enemy's ability.
  • Lore: These include location based voice lines and in-game audio log transcripts.
  • Arena Status: Voice lines that play to remind you of the status of the match. Examples of this are the announcement of a new Kill Leader or the arrival of a Care Package.
  • Ring Status: Voice lines that play to remind you of the status and distance of the ring.
  • Lobby: Voice lines from any part of the lobby. These include the coice lines that play when ranking up or down on Ranked Leagues.
  • Unused: Unused voice lines. Use {{DataminingNotice}} before the start of this section.
Additional Guidelines
  • If unlockable, use the rarity templates (eg. {{Rare}} for Rare tier voice lines).
  • Voice lines in languages other than English should use the {{texttip}} template for the relevant romanization and/or translation to English. (eg. {{Texttip|끝내버리자.|Kkeutnae beolija. / Let's finish this.}} to display 끝내버리자.)
  • Conditional banter should be relocated to their respective sections but the legend the voice line is for should be indicated and be enclosed in square brackets before the actual voice line. (eg. [to [[Revenant]]] "I don't care." to display "[to Revenant] "I don't care."")