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An inventory with a variety of items inside.

Items are objects that can be found in the world or in an inventory. In Battle Royale, items can be found as loot on the ground or in various containers throughout the map. Different game modes have their own selections of available items and methods of acquiring them. By default, players have dedicated inventory slots for each gear item, one survival item, two weapons (each of which has its own slots for attachments), and ten slots to be filled with any item.

Each item has an assigned color-coded tier indicating its strength and its rarity: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5.

Available Items


All weapons use one of five types of ammunition. Reloading a weapon pulls available ammo directly out of the inventory.

Energy Ammo.svg
Heavy Rounds.svg
Light Rounds.svg
Shotgun Shells.svg
Sniper Ammo.svg
Energy Ammo Heavy Rounds Light Rounds Shotgun Shells Sniper Ammo

In Battle Royale, weapons will always spawn with a box of ammo beside it. In Mixtape gamemodes, ammo is infinite.

Regen Items

Regen items can be used to regenerate health, shields, or in the case of the Ultimate Accelerant, ability charge. They can be selected and used with 4/Up/Up/Up.

Shield Cell white.svg
Syringe white.svg
Shield Battery white.svg
Med Kit white.svg
Phoenix Kit white.svg
Ultimate Accelerant white.svg
Shield Cell Syringe Shield Battery Med Kit Phoenix Kit Ultimate Accelerant


These explosives can be selected and equipped with G/Right/Right/Right and thrown with Left/RT/R2/RT.

Arc Star white.svg
Frag Grenade White.svg
Thermite Grenade white.svg
Arc Star Frag Grenade Thermite Grenade


These items have designated slots in the inventory. Simply having these items will activate their effects.

Shield Core lvl4.svg
Body Shield.svg
Knockdown Shield white.svg
Backpack lvl2.svg
Shield Core Body Shield Helmet Knockdown Shield Backpack

Survival Items

These items have one designated slot in the inventory, and only one can be carried. They can be equipped with Left Alt/Left (held)/Left (held)/Left (held).

Evac Tower white.svg
Heat Shield white.svg
Mobile Respawn Beacon white.svg
Evac Tower Heat Shield Mobile Respawn Beacon


Every weapon has designated slots for certain types of attachments. Each will enhance the weapon in different ways.

Barrel Stabilizer.svg
Laser Sight.svg
Extended Energy Mag.svg
Extended Heavy Mag.svg
Extended Light Mag.svg
Extended Sniper Mag.svg
Shotgun Bolt.svg
Standard Stock.svg
Sniper Stock.svg
Barrel Stabilizer Laser Sight Extended Energy Mag Extended Heavy Mag Extended Light Mag Extended Sniper Mag Shotgun Bolt Standard Stock Sniper Stock

Hop-ups are attachments that only apply to two or three specific weapons, but provide more unique benefits.

Boosted Loader.svg
Disruptor Rounds.svg
Hammerpoint Rounds.svg
Boosted Loader Disruptor Rounds Hammerpoint Rounds Turbocharger

Optics are attachments which alter the visibility and level of zoom when aiming down sights.

1x HCOG Classic white.svg
1x Holo white.svg
1x-2x Variable Holo white.svg
2x HCOG Bruiser white.svg
6x Sniper white.svg
2x-4x Variable AOG.svg
3x HCOG Ranger white.svg
4x-8x Variable Sniper white.svg
4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat.svg
1x HCOG "Classic" 1x Holo 1x-2x Variable Holo 2x HCOG "Bruiser" 6x Sniper 2x-4x Variable AOG 3x HCOG "Ranger" 4x-8x Variable Sniper 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat


These items exist in the world, but not in the inventory. Picking them up yields some other effect.

Banner Card white.svg
EVO Cache.svg
Treasure Pack Icon.svg
Banner Cards EVO Cache Treasure Pack

Map-specific items

These items only appear on certain maps.

Vault Key.svg
MRVN Arm.svg
Vault Key MRVN Arm

Removed items

These items are not currently available in-game in any form.

Evo Shield.svg
1x Digital Threat white.svg
Anvil Receiver.svg
Deadeye's Tempo.svg
Double Tap Trigger.svg
Dual Shell.svg
Kinetic Feeder.svg
Precision Choke.svg
Quickdraw Holster.svg
Selectfire Receiver.svg
Shatter Caps.svg
Skullpiercer Rifling.svg
Evo Shield Arrows 1x Digital Threat Anvil Receiver Deadeye's Tempo Double Tap Trigger Dual Shell Kinetic Feeder Precision Choke Quickdraw Holster Selectfire Receiver Shatter Caps Skullpiercer Rifling

Limited-Time Mode items

These items were designed for use in a specific Limited Time Mode.

Splatter Rounds.svg
Sunglasses Icon.svg
Node Tracker white.svg
Phase Breach.svg
Candy Icon.svg
Rev Shell.svg
Purple Materia Crit Rate Up.svg
Hunt Icon.svg
Graffiti Mod Sunglasses Node Tracker Copycat Kit Candy Rev Shell Materia Hunt

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