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The legends of Apex Legends have a variety of movement options available for use in battle.

Basic movement

All legends have a base walking speed of 3.8 meters per second. While sprinting, speed increases to 5.7 m/s, and crouchwalking reduces speed to 1.75 m/s. These speeds may be influenced by the slope of the terrain being traversed. Holding a weapon will reduce movement speed by 13%, and using a regen item reduces movement speed by 40% and prevents sprinting.

There is no fall damage in Apex Legends, but falling from a great height will cause landing shock, drastically slowing the player's movement speed for a brief moment after hitting the ground.


Crouching while moving quickly will cause the player to slide. The speed and duration of the slide is determined by the slope beneath the player and the speed the player was moving when the slide began. On a flat surface, a sprinting player can slide for about a second before deceleration kicks in, but on a downward slope this can take much longer and even turn into acceleration at steep angles.

Jumping out of a slide allows players to conserve momentum for longer than jumping out of a sprint.

Wall climbing

Holding the jump button while facing a wall allows the player to climb it. Players can climb any vertical surface in the game for about 6 meters; if they reach a ledge, they will mantle it, but if not, they will simply fall back down. While climbing, players have the freedom to move left or right without disconnecting from the wall.


Lifeline and Mirage skydiving.

Skydiving is a form of movement used to give legends more precise mobility when falling from great heights. It is activated at the start of every Battle Royale match, when a player uses a Jump Tower, Geyser, or Skydive Launcher, or when using Valkyrie's ultimate, Skyward Dive.svg Skyward Dive. When skydiving as a group, one member of the squad is assigned to be the Jumpmaster, in which case both squadmates will automatically follow, but can break off if needed.

While skydiving, players have two meters added to their HUD, one indicating speed on a scale of 0-150, and one indicating altitude in meters with the height of the ground beneath them marked. Players' speed is determined by the angle of their descent, with the maximum of 150 (25.1 meters/second) achieved when aiming downward at an angle of less than ~15°.

Once the player comes within ~30 meters of the ground, they will assume a landing position and lose horizontal mobility. The skydive ends once the player makes contact with any solid surface. This same position is used when being lifted from updrafts on World's Edge.

Players can equip Skydive Emotes and Skydive Trails for use while skydiving.

Advanced movement

Bunny hopping

Bunny hopping (sometimes referred to as b-hopping) is the technique of conserving momentum with rapid, small jumps. Because deceleration when moving is based on friction, staying airborne and minimizing contact with the ground allows a player to maintain their horizontal speed. For balance reasons, this does not work with some actions, such as using regen items or aiming Seer's Heart Seeker.svg Heart Seeker.

Wall bouncing

Wall bouncing, or wall jumping, is the technique of slide hopping into a wall, then tapping the jump button to wall climb for the briefest possible duration. Doing so redirects a player's momentum away from the wall while also boosting the vertical height of the jump, allowing a player to quickly jump over obstacles and mix up enemies.

Super gliding

Super gliding is the technique of using the top of a wall climb to launch the player forward. This is performed by hitting the jump and crouch buttons simultaneously at the peak of the mantling animation. There is a very slim window to perform these inputs, but doing so boosts the player in the direction they are moving at an initial speed of 10.3 m/s.

Tap strafing

Tap strafing is a technique the allows a player on mouse and keyboard to quickly change the direction of their momentum in midair. This is performed by quickly tapping the forward key W while holding the sideways movement keys A or D and turning in the same direction. Because this technique requires multiple movement directions to be input at once, it is impossible on a controller.

Movement abilities

Many legends have abilities which give them new movement options, or augment existing ones. For further information, see the respective legends' pages.

Legend Ability Description
Portrait Bloodhound square.png
Beast of the Hunt.svg
Beast of the Hunt
While active, increases Bloodhound's movement speed by 30% and grants them threat-vision.
Portrait Pathfinder square.png
Grappling Hook.svg
Grappling Hook
Fires a grappling hook which attaches to a solid surface and pulls Pathfinder towards it. Aiming away from the hook allows Pathfinder to swing in that direction, and launch himself when the grapple disconnects.
Zipline Gun.svg
Zipline Gun
Pathfinders' Zipline provides zipline speed 66% faster than on a standard zipline.
Portrait Wraith square.png
Into the Void.svg
Into the Void
While active, increases Wraith's movement speed by 30% and makes her invulnerable to most damage.
Dimensional Rift.svg
Dimensional Rift
Creates a two-way portal which anyone can pass through. Taking the portal takes a player along the same path Wraith ran while placing the portal, at 500% speed and with invulnerability.
Portrait Bangalore square.png
Double Time.svg
Double Time
While active, increases Bangalore's movement speed by 30%. Activates when being shot at while sprinting.
Portrait Octane square.png
While active, increases Octane's sprint speed by 40% and all other movement speed by 30%.
Launch Pad.svg
Launch Pad
Creates a spring pad which launches players in an arc in the direction they're moving. While in midair, grants the ability to double jump before hitting the ground.
Portrait Revenant square.png
Shadow Pounce.svg
Shadow Pounce
Unleashes a powerful pounce forwards, can be held to charge for further distance.
Assassin's Instinct.svg
Assassin's Instinct
Revenant can climb walls 6 times as high as any other legend, and can crouchwalk at normal walking speeds.
Portrait Loba square.png
Burglar's Best Friend.svg
Burglar's Best Friend
Loba throws a bracelet and immediately teleports to its location when it lands.
Portrait Horizon square.png
Gravity Lift.svg
Gravity Lift
Creates a gravity-reversing pillar which lifts anyone who steps into it. Exiting the pillar boosts the player upwards and outwards.
Horizon has increased strafe control in midair and experiences no landing shock from long falls.
Portrait Valkyrie square.png
VTOL Jets.svg
Valkyrie has a jetpack which can be used to lift and boost herself in midair.
Skyward Dive.svg
Skyward Dive
Launches Valkyrie, and any squadmates attached to her, straight up into the sky. After reaching maximum height, all players begin to skydive.
Portrait Ash square.png
Phase Breach.svg
Phase Breach
Creates a one-way portal which anyone can pass through. Taking the portal takes a player directly to the other end, at 500% speed and with invulnerability.
Portrait Mad Maggie square.png
Mad Maggie
Warlord's Ire.svg
Warlord's Ire
Holding a shotgun does not reduce Mad Maggie's movement speed like most weapons do.
Wrecking Ball.svg
Wrecking Ball
Throws a wrecking ball which leaves boost pads behind it. Stepping on these pads increases a player's movement speed by 30%.
Portrait Newcastle square.png
Retrieve the Wounded.svg
Retrieve the Wounded
Newcastle can move while reviving a downed squadmate, dragging the squadmate with him.
Castle Wall.svg
Castle Wall
Newcastle launches into the air and slams into the ground where he targeted, creating a wall upon landing.
Portrait Vantage square.png
Echo Relocation.svg
Echo Relocation
Vantage launches into the air in Echo's direction, and can double jump upon reaching Echo.
Portrait Ballistic square.png
Ballistic and his affected squadmates' armed movement speed is increased to holster movement speed while the ability is active.
Portrait Conduit square.png
Savior's Speed.svg
Savior's Speed
Conduit's sprint speed increases by 30% while running in the direction of a squadmate who is out of range of her Radiant Transfer.svg Radiant Transfer. Takes 3 seconds to activate
Portrait Alter square.png
Void Passage.svg
Void Passage
Alter creates a portal that transports the player through solid surfaces, including walls and ceilings.
Void Nexus.svg
Void Nexus
Alter deploys a fallback device that she and her squad mates can use to teleport back to it. The nexus has a range of 200 meters and lasts for 120 seconds.