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Void Breacher
Real Name YingLing Lui (雷盈灵)
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Class Skirmisher Class.svg Skirmisher
Tactical Ability Void Passage.svg Void Passage
Passive Ability Gift From The Rift.svg Gift From The Rift
Ultimate Ability Void Nexus.svg Void Nexus
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Crystal Yu [1]
Added May 07, 2024

"Life's just a game and lucky you, you're playing it with me."

Alter is a Skirmisher Class.svg Skirmisher Legend who was introduced in Season 21.svg Season 21. A master of the Void, she can open a portal through a solid surface with her Void Passage.svg Void Passage and use Gift From The Rift.svg Gift From The Rift to snatch an item from a distant Death Box. When shit hits the fan, her Void Nexus.svg Void Nexus device allows her teammates to teleport back to a safe point.

Alter can be unlocked using digital currency: either Legend Tokens 12,000 Legend Tokens or Apex Coins 750 Apex Coins.


Void Passage

Void Passage.svg Tactical Q/ LB/L1/LB
Void Passage
Description Creates a portal passageway through a surface.
Cooldown 30 seconds

  • Fires a projectile that sticks to a surface and connects to the opposite side, up to a depth of 20 meters.
    • The opposite end does not need to be the same angle as the front side, allowing walls/floors/ceilings to connect to each other.
  • Touching one end of the portal teleports a player to the other end. Players are phased for 1 second after use.
    • Maximum vertical range of 45 meters.
      • In the vertical orientation, players can travel upwards by interacting ( E/X/Square/Y) with the void "string".
  • Holding the ability displays a small range indicator, as well as whether a void "string" will be created (similar to Riot Drill.svg Riot Drill).
  • Visible enemies are highlighted while phasing.
  • Lasts 15 seconds.
  • Travel time depends on the distance covered, similar to Dimensional Rift.svg Dimensional Rift or Phase Breach.svg Phase Breach.

  • Passing through the portal does not protect from Drone EMP.svg Drone EMP.

  • With a Level 4 Helmet.svg Helmet and the Tactical Cooldown+ Upgrade selected, this ability has effectively 100% uptime.

  • In some cases, players are not phased.
  • If a portal is placed below a Care Package, and you travel through it, you will get permanently stuck inside the care package.

Gift From The Rift

Gift From The Rift.svg Passive
Gift From The Rift
Description Can remotely interact with a deathbox to claim one item. Cannot be a shield core.

  • Can interact with Death Boxes within [?] meters.
  • Any one item can be taken per Death Box, except for a Shield Core lvl4.svg Shield Core.
  • Available Death Boxes can be seen through walls.
    • Death Boxes are marked with a symbol if their contents have not yet been inspected.

  • Much like Marked for Death.svg Marked for Death, this ability may be used in order to gain information about where players have died.
  • Can be used to decide if a particular box is worth traveling to and looting.
  • You can grab loot needed by your teammates and drop it to them, rather than traveling to a possibly dangerous location.

Void Nexus

Void Nexus.svg Ultimate Z/LB + RB/L1 + R1/LB + RB
Void Nexus
Description Create a regroup point that all allies can remotely interact with to open a phase tunnel back to that location.
Charge time 3 minutes

  • Places a device that Alter and her squadmates can interact with (E/X/Square/Y) while looking directly at it.
  • While within 200 meters of the device, interact to travel in phase to the device's location. Activating the phase takes 2.5 seconds.
  • Players that use the Nexus leave a portal behind that enemies can use to take the same phase path to the device. These portals last 10 seconds.
  • Alter and her squadmates can each use the Nexus once, and using a squadmate's portal counts as a use.
  • The device expires automatically after 120 seconds, or after every squadmate has used it once. Alter can destroy it early by pressing H/Down/Down/Down.
  • Has 130 health, and takes damage outside The Ring.
  • Can be used while knocked.

  • Alter and squadmates can use this ability if they fail a push or need an escape.


Perk Effects
Skirmisher Class.svg
  • Look at a Care Package from afar to see its most valuable item, and whether or not it's been looted.


Level 2 Upgrades - Unlocked at 450 EVO
  • Frequent Nexus: Reduce Void Nexus cooldown by 30 seconds. (180 sec → 150 sec)
  • Void Vision: After exiting a Void Passage, enemies remain highlighted for 2 seconds longer and their health bars become visible.
Level 3 Upgrades - Unlocked at 1800 EVO
  • Unending Nexus: Void Nexus will not expire with time. (120 sec → ∞ sec)
  • Tactical Cooldown+: Reduce Void Passage cooldown by 10 seconds. (30 sec → 20 sec)


When Alter emerged from her dimension into another (with her past held close to the chest), she had only two things: her interdimensional traveling Void tech, and a desire to have fun. She stole the fanciest of foods, learned to fight through dicey situations, and took on odd jobs for personal favors–though she didn’t have a problem double-crossing her clients if it was more beneficial or amusing. Never needing to stick around for the consequences of her actions eroded any sense of morality or responsibility she had. She could focus on what was important: making sure life was never mundane.

Alter was drawn to worlds on the edge of complete destruction. Whether something devastating was already happening or she helped usher in the apocalypse herself, she was there to watch whatever catastrophe ensued. It was only in those moments, after all, that people took off the masks they always wore and she could see their true selves.

Finding these world-ending events was a toss up. Sometimes she’d find what she was looking for, and on others, she’d have missed the main event in worlds already ruined. But in some of these ruined worlds, Alter began to notice an interesting commonality…

Many of these worlds hadn’t met their end by some random event; they had been destroyed by the same person.


For more information on Alter's story, see Alter (character).

Cosmetic items


There are a total of 44 Legend skins for Alter; 6 Legendary, 6 Epic, 16 Rare, and 16 Common.

Voice Lines



  • Alter's running animation will temporarily change to skipping after killing an enemy.