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Health is the amount of damage a Legend can take before dying. This is expressed with a white bar in the lower right section of the HUD, along with the Legend icon and the player's username.

Every Legend has 100 health that cannot be increased and does not regenerate (except for Octane, due to Swift Mend.svg Swift Mend), and can only be restored through healing items or through Legend abilities such as Lifeline's D.O.C. Heal Drone.svg D.O.C. Heal Drone.

Health can also be supplemented with shields, acquired by finding and equipping an Evo Shield.svg Evo Shield or Body Shield.svg Body Shield.

Healing items

Healing items can be found across the map and can be used directly from the inventory, or by holding 4 or Up/Up when health is low. Using a healing item takes several seconds and disables movement and other actions while being used, but can be canceled if needed.

The following items restore health:

  • A Syringe.svg Syringe restores 25 health (50 with Body Shield.svg Level 4 Body Shield), and takes 5 seconds to consume;
  • A Med Kit.svg Med Kit restores all health, and takes 8 seconds to consume;
  • A Phoenix Kit.svg Phoenix Kit restores all health and shields, and takes 10 seconds to consume.

Bleeding Out

After losing all health, Legends enter an incapacitated state known as Bleeding Out, during which they have 100 health and can only slowly crawl around, activating their Knockdown Shield.svg Knockdown Shield if necessary to shield themselves or their teammates from incoming fire. If a Legend had shields remaining while being downed through direct health damage, like The Ring or Caustic's Gas, their shields will not be depleted, although they will not be taken into consideration when receiving damage while Bleeding Out.

The first time a Legend gets downed in a match, they will have 90 seconds to be revived. The second time they will have 60 seconds, the third 30 seconds, and every subsequent time 15 seconds.


A Bleeding Out Legend can be revived by another alive squadmate. A revive lasts for 5 seconds, during which the downed Legend and squadmate performing the revive can't perform other actions other than the latter interrupting the revive. After being revived, the Legend will return to the normal state with 20 health and any remaining shields. If the squadmate performing the revive has a Knockdown Shield.svg Level 4 Knockdown Shield, the revived Legend will return to the normal state with 70 health and 50 shields instead, unless they had more remaining shields. If a downed Legend whose Bleed Out time has expired is getting revived, they won't die unless the revive is interrupted for any reason.


If a Legend Bleeds Out, depletes all their Bleeding Out health, or depletes all their health while being the only member of a team able to shoot, they will die. When a Legend dies they drop their Death Box, which contains every item they had upon death and their Banner Card. The Banner Card remains available to be picked up by other alive squadmates for 90 seconds, and can be delivered to a MapIcon Respawn Beacon.png Respawn Beacon or Mobile Respawn Beacon.svg Mobile Respawn Beacon, which will bring back any dead squadmate whose Banner has been recovered. The banners of all eliminated team members can be crafted simultaneously by Support Class.svg Support legends for Materials30, regardless of the number of dead teammates. A Legend can be respawned during any point of the match with no time limit after their Banner is recovered, however, if the Banner is not recovered within the allowed 90 seconds, it must then be crafted or the Legend is eliminated permanently. Legends can be revived as many times as the number of available Beacons and Mobile Beacons on the map.