Double Take

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Double Take
Eventposter Double Take.jpg
Type Collection
Start date June 25, 2024
End date July 9, 2024
Duration 14 days
During Season 21.svg Season 21
Gamemode Quads
Mythic Set Lifeline's Prestige Skin Set

Double Take is a Collection Event during Season 21.svg Season 21 of Apex Legends that will begin on June 25, 2024 and end on July 9, 2024.


Challenge Reward
Deal 50,000 Damage in Any Mode Badges Icon.svg Badge: Double Take Whiplash
Deal 12,500 Damage in Quads Badges Icon.svg Badge: Double Take Quartet
Win 20 Matches of Any Mode Badges Icon.svg Badge: Double Take Winner
Collect all other Double Take Badges Badges Icon.svg Badge: Double Take Master

Prize Track

Points Reward
250 Badges Icon.svg Double Take
500 Challenge Stars 10
750 Holospray Icon.svg Final Chorus
1000 Challenge Stars 3
1250 Valkyrie Icon.svg Banner Frame Icon.svg Phaserunner
1500 Holospray Icon.svg Seeing Double
2000 Charms Icon.svg Echo Vision
2500 Crafting Metals 25
3000 Challenge Stars 3
3500 Crafting Metals 25
4000 30-30 Repeater Icon.svg Teal Ranger
5000 Valkyrie Icon.svg Soaring Simulacrum

Double Take Collection

The Double Take Collection is a set of 24 cosmetics exclusive to the event. The collection cosmetics could be obtained by:

  • Purchasing event-exclusive Double Take collection packs for Apex Coins 700 which will give out one collection cosmetic and two cosmetics from the normal loot table.
  • Unlocking using Crafting Metals 2,400 for Legendary items and Crafting Metals 800 for Epic items.
  • By direct purchase from the Store: Apex Coins 1,800 for Legendary items and Apex Coins 1,000 for Epics.

Completion of the Double Take Collection allowed the player to unlock Lifeline's Prestige Skin set, Apex Corruptor, before it was added to the Mythic Store.

Collection Cosmetics

Legend Skins

Weapon Skins


  • This event features pairs of Legend skins in which one Legend's skin is based on the design of the other. These pairs are:
  • For the duration of the event, Legends who received skins were given altered Bios with a new backstory, pertaining to their counterpart.