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The Store as of Season 12.svg Season 12.

The Store is a menu accessible through the lobby where cosmetics items can be bought using Apex Coins.svg Apex Coins, Legend Tokens.svg Legend Tokens, or Heirloom Shards.svg Heirloom Shards.

While the Store normally offers an alternative purchase method with Apex Coins Apex Coins for items that can either be crafted with Crafting Metals Crafting Metals or be found in Apex Pack Icon.svg Apex Packs, since Season 10.svg Season 10 Collection Event and Thematic Event items may also appear, along with Store exclusive items that are not tied to any event.


In the past, a Store Takeover would've happened as a result of a minor event, where items tied to such event would replace the standard structure of the "Featured" section of the Store. Since Season 11.svg Season 11, instead of a Store Takeover happening, a Specials section opens, thus allowing the Featured section to cycle through normally.

However, during some Store sales such as Recolor Stores, the "Featured" section may still be overridden to display only the cosmetics tied to the sale.

Starting with Season 14.svg Season 14, a Monthly Store was added, featuring rotation monthly specials.


The Store's main section, called Featured, is split into two subcategories: Featured and Limited-Time. Both sections update weekly at 02:00:00 UTC (GMT+0).

The Featured section features four slots that can be occupied by Legendary Skins, Charms Icon.svg Weapon Charms, Holospray Icon.svg Holosprays, or bundles. The cost of the bundles depends on which and how many items the bundle contains, with an added discount that is adjusted accordingly if one or more items from the bundle are already in possession. Bundles that offer a Skin plus Apex Pack Icon.svg Apex Packs are made unavailable if the Skin is already owned. The Limited-Time category offers two Legendary Skins (that are otherwise craftable) costing Apex Coins 1,800 each, plus a recolor for each of the two Skins which can be purchased with Legend Tokens 10,500 or Apex Coins 1,800 as long as the original item is owned.

Store Exclusive Recolor Items

Legend Skin Recolors

  1. May alternatively require Officer Williams.


  1. May alternatively require The Revenger.

Weapon Skin Recolors

  1. Void Specialist was needed on May 6, 2021.

VK-47 Flatline

Hemlok Burst AR
  1. The Glorious One was needed between October 6 and 12, 2021.

R-301 Carbine

Alternator SMG

Prowler Burst PDW

R-99 SMG

Volt SMG

Devotion LMG


M600 Spitfire

Rampage LMG

G7 Scout

Triple Take

30-30 Repeater

Bocek Compound Bow

Longbow DMR

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper


EVA-8 Auto

Mastiff Shotgun

Mozambique Shotgun


RE-45 Auto



Hot Drops

The Hot Drops tab is a personalized store feature that provides skins for a player's most played and used Legends and weapons at a discounted price. The store appears different for every player.

Hot Drops Store (Available January 23, 2024 to February 6, 2024)

Other Store Exclusive Items

These items were first introduced to the regular Store, in the absence of a Store Sale event.

Legend Skins

Weapon Skins

Weapon Charms


Launch Bundles

Since Season 7.svg Season 7, for the first two weeks of a new Season, a Launch Bundle is offered for Apex Coins 3,000. Launch Bundles unlock the newly introduced Legend and contain a Legendary Skin for them, a Legendary Weapon Skin, and an Epic item.

Apex Packs

Main article: Apex Pack

The Apex Packs section allows the purchasing of Apex Pack Icon.svg Apex Packs. One Pack costs Apex Coins 100, and they can either be bought singularly or in groups of 10. They can also be opened in that section as well as the lobby's main menu.

Exotic Shop

The Exotic Shop allows the purchasing of reactive weapon skins for Exotic Shards 50 each.

Mythic Store

The Mythic Store allows the purchasing of Heirloom Sets, Prestige Skins and Apex Artifacts.

Heirloom Sets are bundles of three cosmetic items that contain a Melee Weapon Skin, an Intro or Kill Quip, and a Banner Pose.

Prestige Skins are Mythic-quality Legend Skins which can be "evolved" through challenges whose tracking can be toggled on/off, and can also be completed at any time. Unlocking the final tier of a Prestige Skin will also unlock a Finisher which can only be performed when that skin is equipped.

All items offered in the Mythic Store cost 150 Heirloom Shards Heirloom Shards.

Heirloom Sets

Image Legend Melee Skin Cosmetic Released
Wraith Heirloom Set.png Portrait Wraith square.png
Wraith Heirloom.png
Hope's Dusk
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: Come find me
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Fearless
Apex Legends.svg Preseason
Bloodhound Heirloom Set.png Portrait Bloodhound square.png
Bloodhound Heirloom.png
Raven's Bite
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: Honor those who've risen
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Glory Hound
Season 2.svg Season 2
Iron Crown Icon.svg Iron Crown
Lifeline Heirloom Set.png Portrait Lifeline square.png
Lifeline Heirloom.png
Shock Sticks
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: Get Wrecked
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Shock Sticks
Season 3.svg Season 3
Fight or Fright Icon.svg Fight or Fright
Pathfinder Heirloom Set.png Portrait Pathfinder square.png
Pathfinder Heirloom.png
Boxing Gloves
Kill Quip Icon.svg Kill Quip: Really amazing moves
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Lights Out
Season 3.svg Season 3
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg Holo-Day Bash
Octane Heirloom Set.png Portrait Octane square.png
Octane Heirloom.png
Butterfly Knife
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: Run fast, hit fast, win fast
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Spin and Flick
Season 4.svg Season 4
System Override Icon.svg System Override
Mirage Heirloom Set.png Portrait Mirage square.png
Mirage Heirloom.png
Too Much Witt
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: Excited to see you all in the ring
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: You Really Love Me
Season 5.svg Season 5
Lost Treasures Icon.svg Lost Treasures
Caustic Heirloom Set.png Portrait Caustic square.png
Caustic Heirloom.png
Death Hammer
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: I look forward to getting my hands on you
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Hammer Time
Season 6.svg Season 6
Aftermarket Icon.svg Aftermarket
Gibraltar Heirloom Set.png Portrait Gibraltar square.png
Gibraltar Heirloom.png
War Club
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: When this is over
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Like a Rock
Season 7.svg Season 7
Fight Night Icon.svg Fight Night
Bangalore Heirloom Set.png Portrait Bangalore square.png
Bangalore Heirloom.png
Cold Steel
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: Hope you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: No Gun, No Problem
Season 8.svg Season 8
Chaos Theory Icon.svg Chaos Theory
Revenant Heirloom Set.png Portrait Revenant square.png
Revenant Heirloom.png
Dead Man's Curve
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: You don't want to see this up close
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: No Escape
Season 9.svg Season 9
Genesis Icon.svg Genesis
Rampart Heirloom Set.png Portrait Rampart square.png
Rampart Heirloom.png
Problem Solver
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: I make things by hand
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Wrench In Your Plan
Season 10.svg Season 10
Evolution Icon.svg Evolution
Wattson Heirloom Set.png Portrait Wattson square.png
Wattson Heirloom.png
Energy Reader
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: Can't Kilowatt...son.
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Handled With Care
Season 11.svg Season 11
Raiders Icon.svg Raiders
Crypto Heirloom Set.png Portrait Crypto square.png
Crypto Heirloom.png
Biwon Blade
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: I'll find you
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: No Escape
Season 12.svg Season 12
Warriors.svg Warriors
Valkyrie Heirloom Set.png Portrait Valkyrie square.png
Valkyrie Heirloom.png
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: This little viper's got her mom's fangs
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Angel's Arrival
Season 13.svg Season 13
Awakening Icon.svg Awakening
Loba Heirloom Set.png Portrait Loba square.png
Loba Heirloom.png
Garra de Alanza
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: I'm in a class of my own
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Trazer de Volta
Season 14.svg Season 14
Beast of Prey.svg Beast of Prey
Seer Heirloom Set.png Portrait Seer square.png
Seer Heirloom.png
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: My heart beats stronger
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Grand Finale
Season 15.svg Season 15
Spellbound.svg Spellbound
Wraith Heirloom Set 2.png Portrait Wraith square.png
Wraith Heirloom Hope's Dawn.png
Hope's Dawn
Emote: Practice Makes Perfect
Banner Frame Icon.svg Banner Frame: Hope's Blossom
Season 16.svg Season 16
Imperial Guard Icon.svg Imperial Guard
Ash Heirloom Set.png Portrait Ash square.png
Ash Heirloom.png
Strongest Link
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: The skill of a Pilot
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Killer Skill
Season 16.svg Season 16
Sun Squad.svg Sun Squad
File:Horizon Heirloom Set.png Portrait Horizon square.png
Horizon Heirloom.png
Gravity Maw
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: It's all relative, really
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Scientific Method
Season 17.svg Season 17
Dressed to Kill.svg Dressed to Kill
Revenant Heirloom Set 2.png Portrait Revenant square.png
Revenant Heirloom Death Grip.png
Death Grip
Emote: Fight Your Demons
Banner Frame Icon.svg Banner Frame: Soul Sacrifice
Season 18.svg Season 18
Death Dynasty.svg Death Dynasty
File:Fuse Heirloom Set.png Portrait Fuse square.png
Fuse Heirloom.png
Razor's Edge
Intro Quip Icon.svg Intro Quip: Salvo, how ya bloody doin' tonight
Banner Pose Icon.svg Banner Pose: Power Chord
Season 18.svg Season 18
Harbingers.svg Harbingers
File:Crypto Heirloom Set 2.png Portrait Crypto square.png
File:Crypto Heirloom Durumi Blade.png
Durumi Blade
Banner Frame Icon.svg Banner Frame: Tranquility
Finisher: Fatal Error
Season 20.svg Season 20
File:Octane Heirloom Set 2.png Portrait Octane square.png
File:Octane Heirloom Octane's Prototype.png
Octane's Prototype
Banner Frame Icon.svg Banner Frame: Fabricator
Finisher: Overstimulated
Season 20.svg Season 20
Inner Beast.svg Inner Beast

Prestige Skins

Image Legend Legend Skin Finisher Skydive Trail Released
Bloodhound prestige skin.png Portrait Bloodhound square.png
Apex Hunter Piercing Plasma Season 12.svg Season 12
3rd Anniversary Collection Event 3rd Anniversary
File:Bangalore Prestige Skin.png Portrait Bangalore square.png
Apex Commander Close Quarters Combat Season 13.svg Season 13
Gaiden.svg Gaiden
Wraith Prestige Skin.png Portrait Wraith square.png
Apex Voidshifter Whiplash Season 15.svg Season 15
Wintertide.svg Wintertide
Caustic Prestige Skin.png Portrait Caustic square.png
Apex Contagion Toxic Scream Season 16.svg Season 16
Veiled.svg Veiled
Valkyrie Prestige Skin.png Portrait Valkyrie square.png
Apex Interceptor Bladed Barrage Bladed Descent Season 17.svg Season 17
Neon Network.svg Neon Network
File:Revenant Prestige Skin.png Portrait Revenant square.png
Apex Nightmare Soul Eater Cerberus Season 18.svg Season 18
Doppelgangers.svg Doppelgangers
File:Loba Prestige Skin.png Portrait Loba square.png
Apex Lycanthrope Enraged Claws Translocator Season 19.svg Season 19
Uprising.svg Uprising
File:Octane Prestige Skin.png Portrait Octane square.png
Apex Riptide Death Dive High Tide Season 20.svg Season 20
Urban Assault.svg Urban Assault
File:Lifeline Prestige Skin.png Portrait Lifeline square.png
Apex Corruptor Riddoculous Violet Swirl Season 21.svg Season 21
Double Take.svg Double Take

Apex Artifacts

Currently, the Cobalt Katar Base is the only Apex Artifact purchasable in the Mythic Store.

Image Artifact Customizations Sets Completion Set Released
  • Base
  • Theme
  • Power Source
  • Activation Emote
  • Death Box
  • Cobalt
  • Electrum
  • Gladius
  • Molten
  • Rhodium
Nitride Season 21.svg Season 21


  • The first recolors ever released in the Store were Legendary Recolor Total Eclipse and Legendary Recolor The Blue Dragon, for the Prowler Burst PDW and G7 Scout respectively, on February 13, 2019.
    • Therefore, the Prowler and G7 are the weapons that got a recolor in the shortest amount of time, after just 9 days.
  • Wraith is the Legend that got a recolor in the shortest amount of time: Legendary Recolor Airship Assassin on February 23, 2019, after 19 days.
  • Octane is the Legend released after the game's launch that got a recolor in the shortest amount of time: Legendary Recolor Red Shift on April 20, 2019, after 32 days.
  • Loba is the Legend that got a recolor after the longest amount of time: Legendary Recolor Rum Runner on July 27, 2021, after 441 days.
  • Legendary Recolor Perfect Illusion Mirage is currently the Legend recolor that took the highest amount of time to be released: present in the game's files since the game's launch, it was released on August 24, 2021, after 932 days.
  • Legendary Recolor Focus Fire Mozambique Shotgun is currently the weapon recolor that took the highest amount of time to be released: present in the game's files since Season 3.svg Season 3, it was released on May 17, 2022, after 959 days.
  • Mirage and the Devotion LMG currently have the most amount of recolors, tied at six.
  • When Legendary Recolor Ocean Spray Alternator SMG and Legendary Recolor Pole Position Pathfinder were first released, they could've been acquired without owning their required skin, effectively making them free. In both cases, this was fixed shortly after.
  • Rarely, when a recolor comes back, it won't require the same skin it used to when it first got released. It's not clear if it's intended or a mistake, due to Respawn not always fixing the requirements if this happens. Also, some recolors seem to have their requirements swapped:
    • Legendary Recolor Holeshot Hotshot Octane looking similar to The Victory Lap rather than Gold Rush, its required skin;
    • Legendary Recolor Masked Storyteller Crypto having the same mask design as Rising Phoenix rather than The Masked Dancer, its required skin;
  • Legendary Recolor The Blue Dragon G7 lacks the recolor symbol in the Loadout.
  • Legendary Recolor Folk Hero Mirage is currently the rarest recolor to date, having not been sold since February 8, 2020.
  • Following the release of Legendary Recolor Solar Consequence Ash on June 7, 2022, there were no new recolors for 1 year and 11 months. The streak was broken by the release of Legendary Recolor Brutal Burgundy Ballistic on May 7, 2024.