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"Earning EVO will now Level-Up your Legend over the course of the game, improving your armor tier and unlocking unique upgrade selections at Levels 2 and 3. Choose wisely, as your decision can impact your whole squad’s strategy."

Legend Upgrades are unique per-Legend Perks introduced in Season 20.svg Season 20. In Battle Royale, players will accumulate EVO Points which level up their Shield Core lvl4.svg Shield Core to grant more shield health, and unlocks unique bonuses for legends. Legend Upgrades last until the match ends, and will be reset when a new match starts.[1]

EVO Points

EVO Level Requirements
Level EVO for upgrade Total EVO Shield Core health
1 N/A N/A 50
2 450 450 75
3 1350 1800 100
4 2000 3800 125

Different actions grant different amounts of EVO Points. Some actions grant points only to the player that performed them, while others are equally granted to all members of their squad.

Gaining EVO Points [2]
Action EVO rewarded Personal/Team
Dealing damage to enemies 1 per damage Personal
Dealing damage to NPCs (Prowlers, Spiders) 0.25 per damage Personal
Knocking enemy 150 Personal
Knock assist [note 1] 100 Personal
Underdog bonus [note 2] 100 Personal
Performing finisher 100 Personal
Squad wipe 100 Team
Revive squadmate 100 Team
Recover Banner Card 75 Team
Respawn squadmate 125 Team
Use EVO Harvester 350 Team
Pick up EVO Cache.svg Small EVO Cache 150 Personal
Pick up EVO Cache.svg Large EVO Cache 300 Personal
Pick up EVO Cache.svg Full EVO Cache Varies [note 3] Personal
Skirmisher: Reveal Care Package 50 Team
Assault/Support: Open Perk Supply Bin 100 Team
Recon/Controller: Use Survey Beacon/Ring Console 200 Team
Looting Care Package 100 Team
Wildlife clear 150 Team
Flyer kill 50 Personal
Vault opened 200 Team
Bloodhound's Trials completed 250 Team
Explosive Hold opened 150 Team
Respawn Token Bonus [note 4] 1000 Personal
  1. Only applies to the first knock per enemy.
  2. Bonus rewarded when downing an enemy of a higher EVO level.
  3. 500 for players at Level 1, 1800 at Level 2, 3800 at Level 3.
  4. Bonus awarded in Solos when a player makes it to Round 5 without using their Respawn Token.

Legend Upgrades

Each legend has a unique set of four upgrades, two of which are unlocked at Level 2 and two at Level 3. Only one upgrade can be selected from each tier.

Legend Level 2 Upgrades Level 3 Upgrades
Portrait Alter square.png
Frequent Nexus: Reduce Void Nexus cooldown by 30 seconds. (180 sec → 150 sec)
Seeing with Portals: After exiting a Void Passage, enemies remain highlighted for 2 seconds longer and their health bars become visible.
Unending Nexus: Void Nexus will not expire with time. (120 sec → ∞ sec)
Tactical Cooldown+: Reduce Void Passage cooldown by 10 seconds. (30 sec → 20 sec)
Portrait Ash square.png
Murder Machine: Call out enemy squads within 150 meters after a squad wipe.
One Minute to Live: Marked for Death use tracks enemy positions on the minimap for 60 seconds.
Greedy Snare: Arc Snare lifetime increased (5 sec → 15 sec) and can snare multiple enemies.
Twin Snares: +1 Arc Snare charge.
Portrait Ballistic square.png
Sling-Shot: Sling weapon's tier will upgrade to match EVO level, to Level 2 and Level 3.
Lasting Bullet: Smart Bullet lifetime tripled. (3 sec → 9 sec)
Extra Bullet: +1 Whistler charge.
Speedy Whistler: Receive a 2 second speed boost when Whistler hits an enemy.
Portrait Bangalore square.png
Big Bang: See ordnance through walls and deathboxes.
Tactical Cooldown: Reduce Smoke Launcher cooldown by 5 seconds. (35 sec → 30 sec)
Cover Me: Auto-ping enemies who trigger Double Time.
Refuge: Regenerate 3.5 health/sec while inside Smoke.
Portrait Bloodhound square.png
Odin's Glare: Doubles the length of Eye of the Allfather's full-body scan. (1 sec → 2 sec)
Raven's Blessing: Interacting with a White Raven grants 25% ultimate charge.
Taste of Blood: Heal 50 health after knocking an enemy during Beast of the Hunt.
Long Hunt: Beast of the Hunt's duration is extended by 5 seconds for every enemy knocked.
Portrait Catalyst square.png
Sister Spikes: +1 active Piercing Spikes. (2 → 3)
Long Veil: Dark Veil stretches 15 meters further. (45 m → 60 m)
Resilient Veil: Dark Veil lasts 5 seconds longer. (15 sec → 20 sec)
Ferro-Door: Using Barricade on a destroyed door rebuilds the door.
Portrait Caustic square.png
Parabolic Force: Nox Gas Traps can be thrown 75% further.
Residual Toxins: Nox Vision persists longer.
Particle Diffuser: +50% Nox Gas Grenade radius.
Breathe It In: Regenerate 1 health/sec while inside Nox Gas.
Portrait Conduit square.png
Battpack: Can carry one additional Shield Battery per inventory slot. (2 → 3) (Does not stack with the Level 4 Backpack's perk)
Bigger Jam: Energy Barricade radii increased by 10%. (10 m → 11 m)
Split Charge: +1 Radiant Transfer charge. -50% shield regen time. (8 sec → 4 sec)
Radiant Transfer: Radiant Transfer reaches 10 meters further. (50 m → 60 m)
Portrait Crypto square.png
Network Expansion: +25% range on Neurolink and Drone EMP. (30 m → 37.5 m)
Quick Transmission: Increases Surveillance Drone's acceleration and deceleration by [?]%.
Satellite Imagery: Neurolink scan persists on enemies for 1.5 seconds after leaving the drone's radius.
Hackathon: Reduce Surveillance Drone recovery cooldown by 20 seconds. (40 sec → 20 sec) Gain a brief speed boost when Drone EMP is activated or when the drone is destroyed.
Portrait Fuse square.png
Ring Master: Gain access to Ring Consoles.
Scar Tissue: Walking through flame from The Motherlode causes no slow effect and deals a flat 20 damage (37 → 20) with no afterburn.
Wreckless: -50% damage taken from explosives.
Knuckle Hustler: Receive a 2 second speed boost when Knuckle Cluster hits an enemy.
Portrait Gibraltar square.png
Fresh Start: Revive allies with additional health. (20 hp → 50 hp)
Shots Shots Shots: Auto-reload shotguns on knocks.
Baby Bubble: Reduce Dome of Protection cooldown by 7.5 seconds. (30 sec → 22.5 sec) Also reduces the dome's size by 25%. (6 m → 4.5 m)
Bubble Bunker: Dome of Protection lasts 4 seconds longer. (12 sec → 16 sec)
Portrait Horizon square.png
Battery Collection: See a Shield Battery counter above Death Boxes.
Big Bang: See ordnance through walls and deathboxes.
Tactical Cooldown: Reduce Gravity Lift cooldown by 5 seconds. (25 sec → 20 sec)
Ultimate Cooldown: Reduce Black Hole cooldown by 30 seconds. (210 sec → 180 sec)
Portrait Lifeline square.png
Rapid Response: Revive squadmates 20% faster. (5 sec → 4 sec)
Tactical Cooldown++: Reduce D.O.C. Heal Drone cooldown by 25 seconds. (45 sec → 20 sec)
Last Stand: Gain a self-revive.
Gold-Plated: The next Care Package will contain a Level 4 Backpack lvl1.svg Backpack, Knockdown Shield.svg Knockdown Shield, or a EVO Cache.svg Full Evo Cache. Also contains a Shield Battery.svg Shield Battery, a Med Kit.svg Med Kit, and a Phoenix Kit.svg Phoenix Kit or a Mobile Respawn Beacon.svg Mobile Respawn Beacon.
Portrait Loba square.png
High Value: Burglar's Best Friend travels higher and further.
Market Expansion: Black Market Boutique reaches 25% further. (112.5 m → 140 m)
Tactical Cooldown: Reduce Burglar's Best Friend cooldown by 5 seconds. (25 sec → 20 sec)
Shopping Spree: Loba can take 1 additional item from her Black Market Boutique. (2 → 3)
Portrait Mad Maggie square.png
Mad Maggie
Shots Shots Shots: Auto-reload shotguns on knocks.
Fire Ball: Wrecking Ball leaves two trails of thermite fire on the ground for 9 seconds after exploding.
Drillslinger: +1 Riot Drill charge. -25% Riot Drill active duration (9 sec → 6.75 sec).
Big Drill: +50% Riot Drill width and depth.
Portrait Mirage square.png
Miracle Worker: Revived squadmates passively regenerate 75 health over [?] seconds.
More Me: Reduce Life of the Party cooldown by 30 seconds (60 sec → 30 sec). Also adds 1 Decoy to the ult (5 → 6).
Me Two: +1 Psyche Out charge. Allows two decoys to be active at once.
Bamboozle Bonus: Psyche Out cooldown resets on a successful bamboozle.
Portrait Newcastle square.png
Thick Shield: +250 health for both segments of the Mobile Shield. (500 hp → 750 hp)
Swift Shield: Mobile Shield movement speed increased to match weapon sprint speed.
Miracle Worker: Revived squadmates passively regenerate 75 health over [?] seconds.
Stronghold: +250 health for all segments of the Castle Wall (750 hp → 1000 hp). Castle Wall stays electrified for longer (60 sec → 180 sec).
Portrait Octane square.png
Thick Skin: Take 25% less self-damage from Stim. (20 dmg → 15 dmg)
Mad Hops: +1 Launch Pad charge.
Thick Skin: Take 25% less self-damage from Stim. (20 dmg → 15 dmg, → 10 dmg if both taken)
Airborne Agility: Change direction more easily with Launch Pad double jumps.
Portrait Pathfinder square.png
Field Research: Gain access to Survey Beacons.
Ringmaster: Gain access to Ring Consoles.
Down and Away: Grappling Hook cooldown resets on knock.
Zipline Zen: Take 50% less damage while riding an energized zipline. Pathfinder's ziplines stay energized for 30 seconds.
Portrait Rampart square.png
Ultimate Cooldown: Reduce Sheila cooldown by 30 seconds. (120 sec → 90 sec)
Bandolier: Carry additional ammo per stack.
Ramped Up: Improves Sheila's handling and spinup time by 20%.
Amped Reloads: Reload [?]% faster while behind Amped Cover. Also applies to Emplaced Sheila.
Portrait Revenant square.png
Ultimate Cooldown: Reduce Forged Shadows cooldown by 30 seconds. (180 sec → 150 sec)
Murder Machine: Call out enemy squads within 150 meters after a squad wipe.
Tactical Cooldown: Reduce Shadow Pounce cooldown by 5 seconds. (25 sec → 20 sec)
Grim Leaper: Shadow Pounce cooldown resets on knock.
Portrait Seer square.png
Artist's Reach: Can throw Exhibit 20 meters further. (15 m → 35 m)
Ultimate Cooldown: Reduce Exhibit cooldown by 30 seconds. (180 sec → 150 sec)
Focus Scan: +1.5 second scan duration. (2.5 sec → 4 sec)
Long View: +25 meter range for Focus of Attention and Heart Seeker. (60 m → 85 m)
Portrait Valkyrie square.png
Afterburners: Launch 15% higher with Skyward Dive. (135 m → 155 m)
Aerial Expert: Increased horizontal speed and acceleration with VTOL Jets.
Full Coverage: Increased missile count from Missile Swarm. (4x3 pattern → 3x5 pattern)
Full Tank: +25% VTOL Jets fuel.
Portrait Vantage square.png
Ringmaster: Gain access to Ring Consoles.
Ultimate Reload: Ultimate Accelerants are twice as effective. (35% charge → 70% charge, 2 bullets → 4 bullets)
Bat Bounce: Improved double-jump from Echo Relocation.
Sharpshooter: Echo Relocation cooldown resets on a hit with Sniper's Mark.
Portrait Wattson square.png
Fresh Start: Revive allies with additional health. (20 hp → 50 hp)
Falling Stars: Enemy attacks shot down by the Interception Pylon turn into Arc Stars that can be picked up.
Power Pylon: Doubles Interception Pylon's health (150 hp → 300 hp) and shield regen capacity (250 sh → 500 sh).
Split Ciruit: Can place 2 Interception Pylons. Use Ultimate Accelerants twice as fast (7 sec → 3.5 sec).
Portrait Wraith square.png
Ultimate Cooldown+: Reduce Dimensional Rift cooldown by 60 seconds. (180 sec → 120 sec)
Sixth Sense: Voices from the Void warns when a new squad approaches within 150 meters.
Fast Phase: Into the Void activates 20% faster. (1.25 sec → 1 sec)
Tactical Cooldown: Reduce Into the Void cooldown by 5 seconds. (25 sec → 20 sec)