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Perks are additional attributes provided to Legends and Level 4 loot.

Legend Perks

Perk Effects Legends
Assault Class.svg
Increases ammo stacks in inventory; can get extra loot from Weapon Supply Bins. Bangalore, Fuse, Ash, Mad Maggie, Ballistic
Skirmisher Class.svg
Can reveal the most valuable item from a neutral Care Package, even if it was taken by another team. Pathfinder, Wraith, Octane, Revenant, Horizon, Valkyrie, Alter
Recon Class.svg
Scanning MapIcon Survey Beacon.svg Survey Beacons reveals the current position of all enemies on the map. Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer, Vantage
Support Class.svg
Expired Banner Cards can be crafted at Replicator Icon.svg Replicators; can get extra loot from Extended Supply Bins. Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Loba, Newcastle, Conduit
Controller Class.svg
Scanning MapIcon Ring Console.svg Ring Consoles reveals the next Ring location. Caustic, Wattson, Rampart, Catalyst
Reduces damage taken on the body by 15% and provides immunity to slowness from incoming fire. Gibraltar, Caustic, Newcastle
Executioner Finishers fully regenerate shields. All legends

Loot Perks

Items which exist in multiple rarities receive an extra perk in their Level 4 form.

Perk Effects Items
Autoloader Automatically reloads holstered weapons after a short delay. Extended Mags
Deep Pockets Increases large Regen items stacks in inventory. Backpack
Fast Charge Reduces Tactical and Ultimate cooldown time. Helmet
Guardian Angel Reviving a Bleeding Out teammate will give them bonus shields and health. Knockdown Shield
Improved Minor Heal Shield Cell.svg Shield Cell and Syringe.svg Syringes have improved effects. Body Shield
Kinetic Feeder Passively adds rounds one by one to the weapon while sliding, regardless if equipped or holstered. Shotgun Bolt

Event Perks


These perks could be earned in the weekly Uprising.svg Uprising event prize tracks, and used until the end of their respective week. They were only active in non-ranked Battle Royale.

Perk Effects Available week
Grenadier Vision Nearby ordnance items can be seen through walls. Week 1
Grenadier Sling Stack an extra ordnance per inventory slot. Week 1
Medic Vision Nearby healing items can be seen through walls. Week 2
Medic Inventory Stack extra healing supplies per inventory slot. Week 2
Speed on Knock Knockdowns make you sprint faster for a brief period of time. Week 3
Ability Charge on Squad Wipe Regain tactical on squad wipe. Week 3
Reduced Tactical Recharge Reduced tactical recharge time. Week 4
Reduced Ultimate Recharge Reduced ultimate recharge time. Week 4

Removed Perks

Perk Effects Available on
Fast Use Regen items take half as long to use. Body Shield.svg Body Shield
Flash Hider Minimizes muzzle flash. Barrel Stabilizer lvl4.svg Barrel Stabilizer
Low Profile Increases damage taken by 5% and damage taken to the legs is not reduced. Lifeline, Wraith, Wattson
Resurrection Allows a Bleeding Out Legend to revive themself. An item with this Perk turns into a Level 3 item once the self-revive is completed. Knockdown Shield.svg Knockdown Shield



  • In general, Legends come in one of three sizes (small, medium, large). Fortified.svg Fortified compensates for having a large hitbox. Low Profile.svg Low Profile countered the advantages of a small hitbox.[1] Daniel Z Klein described them as "chewing gum and duct tape holding the game together."[2] In Season 9.svg Season 9, Low Profile was removed as the team felt confident they could balance small Legends without it.
    • Pathfinder had Low Profile despite not having a small hitbox because he was very thin (at the time) and had a lot of mobility.[3][4] Revenant accidentally shipped with Low Profile despite not having a small hitbox because he had Pathfinder's skinny (at the time) hitbox earlier in development.[5]